Jeff's Journal: Life on Marco post hurricane Irma

Hello from the dive shop that withstood Irma's direct hit!  Tough lumber in this old house known as Scuba Marco. We will gather to celebrate still being here, diving (destinations) and life in general this Thursday the 26th at 7ish. We will be throwing down pizza pie at the shop from Sammies which is steadily becoming one of my favorite restaurants.  If you're allergic to rum beer or wine; BYOB. 

Irma huffed and puffed but thankfully didn't turn Marco into Atlantis. Our huge Guanna Costa tree in the front lost its leaves but not it's limbs.  The massive Sapodilla tree behind the shop broke off and crashed down just a couple of feet away from the compressor shed. The avocado tree I planted from a seed taken from a tree felled by hurricane Wilma rolled over and lost over 200 avocados a few weeks shy of being ripe. We pulled her upright as best we could and tied her down. She's doing nicely and is expected to make a full recovery!

That seems to be the theme of hurricane I(ka)rma. My sample size is getting large; good karma people suffered very minimal damage. Same was true for our house: no roof damage, trees falling the right direction and Irma did me a favor by taking down our beat up screened enclosure. She could've done a better job of stacking the frame though. I'm not saying that if you suffered hurricane damage you have bad karma. It may be time for some introspection though. What do you guys think about my theory?

SCUBA PRO AT SCUBA MARCO!!! That's right we became a dealer this August. I couldn't be happier with the company and their products. Their new Hydros BC is made out of a patented material called monoprene. It's a space age rubber on steroids. It dries immediately and is neutrally buoyant. I'm kicking their Sea Wing Nova fins. They are magical,,, I'm happy to not have to hide my jealousy any longer!  The G2 is my first wrist computer. It's not only easy to see it's easy to use.  Come check out some of their design innovations this Thursday!

P.R. PLEASE REPLY if you would like to continue to receive our blasts. This will be my last Gmail mailing. I will make sure you are on our Mail Chimp list for new and improved newsletters in the future. If you receive this same mailing tomorrow (sorry), you're already on it. 

Hope to see you Thursday!  Until then, we get to endure our first cold front of the season. Yeah! Most locals enjoy the cooler temperatures.,, not thermally challenged addicted divers though!
Live, Love, Dive!  -Jeff

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