Jeff's Journal: Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma: What I'm doing right now

The potential for catastrophe in South Florida is real depending on Irma's Eye wall, and if it reaches within 100 miles of shore. Many friends and 'acquaintances' which are really "friends light" living in our area that haven't experienced this kind of weather phenomenon are very concerned… understandably so!

Don't panic it's time to prepare for the worst and hope and pray for the best. At this point God only knows exactly where the center will be as it approaches South Florida, but we will certainly be affected. Tomorrow morning I am going to secure any loose objects outside the house that could fly around in the wind and cause damage.
Next, I would secure my property to ensure its maximum storm threat potential. If I didn't have any real concerns for the prosperity of pets, live stock, or personal business interests/obligations (things impossible to evacuate with) I would head out of the state. TODAY! (Wednesday, September 6, 2017). 

On Thursday, if the situation is appearing more ominous I would batten down all hatches and start to head out. Consult electronic media information such as the Waze app for which routes are open.
On Friday, if you have deep obligations to still be here or are just realizing this drunken hurricane party may be a bad idea... IF the worst case scenario is unfolding and the eye is approaching our immediate area...

The direction I would take to evacuate would depend on what is appearing to be three scenarios for Irma's path setting up:
I love meteorological terminology, and I believe it was a 'short wave trough' settling from the north which will be the major player in the direction that Irma takes after two to three days (Friday-Saturday). As of now there is uncertainty there...
We must consider speed and wind intensity of course. Note: Since my writing the latest models have her tracking farther east so scenario 1 is less likely.

1) If the storm remains major and meanders or slows significantly for a short period to the west of us, the storm surge could be catastrophic. Head for the hills and try to be with loved ones if that sets up! Even consider taking back roads (tracking to the northeast via SR 29 and 27) and evacuating up the East Coast if you're still here. Check electronic resources before you set out for the best routes.

2) If it looks like the storm is going to split Florida in half, it could be too late to evacuate. You should be prepared to ride it out and endure the consequences at that point. If you flee, consult electronic media for the best routes. Storm surge is hard to determine in this scenario depending upon many variables. 

3) If the trough settles south, turning the storm north and then Northeast, Irma could miss the entire state which is where my prayers are! Wind and storm surge would be of tropical storm force comparisons, i.e.: a rainy windy day or two with really high tides. NO DIVING FOR YOU! For a week or so, and that would be a blessed best case scenario!

Play it safe if you can. Play it smart if you need to hang close. If you plan on staying close and you don't have necessary provisions already... switch your plans to evacuation! The lines are getting long!!!

- Jeff Dawson

Much love, prayers and good thoughts from all of us here at Scuba Marco. Stay safe & dry, so we can all go diving again once Irma is gone!

“No hurries, no worries and no troubles, just bubbles!”

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